By God’s grace, we bring Christ’s love, truth, and power to the “Unreached People Groups” of this world. We bring hope to those in despair, a joy to those in sadness, honor to those disgraced, healing to those who are sick, deliverance to those in bondage, truth to those living in deception, and salvation to those lost. It is our goal to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all its fullness, and to make “Disciples” for His glory!

Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age (Mt 28:18-20).”


  • Baptizing a new Believer in Sumatra, Indonesia!
  • Kathy praying for this Indonesian woman who has stomach cancer!
  • Kathy declaring God's blessings over this new Believer!
  • Kathy praying for a terminally ill boy!
  • Mark enjoying a sweet moment with an Indonesian friend!
  • This man was overcome by Holy Spirit!
  • Praying God's blessings to be released on Indonesian Pastors!
  • Kathy praying God's blessings over this Indonesian Pastor!
  • We conducted many open air revival/healing meetings in Indonesian villages.
  • Kathy praying for the Indonesian youth at a revival/healing meeting we conducted in their village!
  • We will never tire of loving others!
  • This Lutheran Indonesian Pastor asked us to conduct a revival/healing meeting at his church. It was the very first one conducted in 40 years. God performed many miracles!
  • Mark praying for this ill young boy!
  • We really enjoy bringing God's glory and blessings to others!
  • It is such an honor to weep with others!
  • Compelled by compassion, faith in the precious Name of Jesus, is all that's required to release healing power from Heaven!
  • Kathy and two new Malay friends!
  • Everyone loves Kathy!
  • Enjoying fellowship with our Muslim friends in their homes!
  • Kathy preaching in a Cuban church!
  • Kathy conducting a Women's Conference in Cuba! 400 women attended this conference!
  • We always engage with the locals as we buy their produce. They all receive our prayers with appreciations.
  • Everyone is overcome by Kathy's love! She is amazing!
  • Mark enjoying precious moments with the local boys!
  • Sharing the Gospel of Salvation with others is always a great privilege and joy!
  • We have countless tender moments everywhere we go!
  • This Indonesian Muslim gave his life to Jesus!
  • Meet the new King and Queen of Sarawak!
  • This Bangladesh man was paralyzed from an accident. He had been laying in bed for months. Jesus healed him 100% and he got out of bed after prayers!
  • Bangladesh women loving Kathy! Multitudes were healed and gave their lives to Jesus!
  • What a privilege and joy to love the down trodden and lost people of other cultures!
  • Because we bring Heavenly Father's heart of compassion, most receive us with respect and kindness!
  • Another miraculous healing in the Name of Jesus!
  • With much compassion Kathy praying for Muslims living in a Bangladesh slum!
  • Mark praying for a Muslim man in a Bangladesh slum!
  • Mark preaching in a Malaysian church!
  • Kathy preaching in a Malaysian church! She is a powerful preacher!
  • We fed and ministered to 300 people who live in a garbage dump in Sabah, Malaysia! Many gave their lives to Jesus.
  • Mark preaching to the Turkana tribe in a dessert church in Kenya!
  • Kathy enjoying her new African (Turkana Tribe) friendships!
  • Praying for a Turkana man in Kakuma, Kenya!
  • We are always blessed with much joy when God opens the doors for us to bless others!
  • Jesus healed this Muslim man of a life-long stomach disorder!
  • This 9 year old girl was possessed with many violent and tormenting evil spirits. Jesus delivered her through our ministry! She had been possessed for two months!

Mark’s Monthly Blog

Overcoming toxic thoughts!

Are your thoughts poisoning your emotions? Do you struggle with self-condemning thoughts? Does your thought-life bring you anxiety about your future? Do you have disturbing, imaginary conversations with others that bring you anguish? Does your thought-life bring you to a place where you feel you will never “measure up,” always leaving you feeling inferior? Do … Continue reading "Overcoming toxic thoughts!"

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