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Our Mission


We have ministered all over the world however, we focus our ministry in the following regions:

Malaysia – Bangladesh – Brunei – Cuba – Thailand – Indonesia – Minnesota

Evangelical Outreaches:
Empowered by Holy Spirit and compelled by compassion, Spirit of Hope Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the “Unreached People” groups of the world. We go into their villages and communities to declare the “Greatest” News of the Universe – forgiveness of sins, abundant life, and an eternal relationship with God – established by faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior!
Our goal is to proclaim the “Gospel of Salvation” in all its fullness everywhere we go. We do so by following Apostle Paul’s example and focus on 3 key areas of evangelism (see Ro 15:18-19, 1 Co 2:1-5):

  1. Preaching the Gospel
  2. Witnessing Christ-like sacrificial love through acts of compassion, and by sharing the sufferings and triumphs, as they were our own!
  3. Performing miraculous signs and wonders (see Ro 15:18-19; 1 Co 2:1-5).

Establishing “Home Churches” and making “Disciples”
Jesus commanded us to make disciples, not converts! And it’s a great joy teaching those we have brought into God’s Kingdom on how to be successful, productive and happy children of God.
Conducting Evangelism Seminars  (Both locally and internationally)
It’s a great joy to see others equipped to do “good works” for God! We teach that no matter who you are (what age, personality type, or color) you can be a powerful witness for Jesus (see Acts 1:8). Click on the “Invite Us” link to see our Evangelism Seminar curriculum.

Leading Mission Trips
We lead international and local mission trips teaching others how to share God’s love in the same manner Jesus taught His disciples – through a “hands-on” approach. Jesus brought “Heaven to Earth” by boldly declaring “God’s truth,” demonstrating “miraculous healings and signs & wonders,” and  “sacrificially loving sinners.” Compassion was the force that moved Jesus. We model our ministry after the lifestyle of Jesus and His Disciples.

Conducting Healing/Revival Meetings
We conduct healing/revival meetings everywhere we travel. Our joy is to see God’s children being touched and moved by His goodness.

Conducting Pastoral/Leader Workshops
We conduct workshops with the purpose to encourage and strengthen Leaders. We have done so in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cuba!

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